• Self-supporting zipper bag series Self-supporting zipper bag series
  • Three edge sealling,the sealing Three edge sealling,the sealing
  • Labeling bag series Pe bag,Labeling bag series
  • Zhisu composite series Zhisu composite series
  • Heterotypic bag series Suction nozzle bag,Heterotypic bag series
Our company situated in the world-famous China Commodity City -Yiwu,is a modern enterprise specisalizing in producingsoft plastic packaging.Presently it holds the most advanced  eleven-color ten-color,nine-color high-speed gravure printing machine,high-speed dry compound machine ,solvent-free composite machine,composite extrusion machine , high-speedcutting machine,high-speed bag maching machine, W&H blown film machine and water vapor,oxygen pass rate well testing instrumevt and other advanced products...

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